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Tuition /Extra coaching required or not

Tuition /Extra coaching required or not 

Today is my son's maths exam. My son Anshul is getting ready for school, I am asking him questions from the kitchen while making breakfast. We both have created this habit of learning and teaching this way. But one of my usual guest has a big problem in this way of mom- son bonding,teaching-learning method....??
"What is her problem? He is my son, it's my wish I want to make him independent."I asked my husband.
"I am happy in my space of life....... Enjoy teaching my son. Happy taking part in his everyday school work. What's the big deal?" she continued
Nowadays, If a mother chooses to teach her son/daughter at home means not sending him /her to tuition, it seems to be a crime for some people... In this above story, the mother is qualified. She wants her son to start self-study at an early age. She is preparing him in this way.

But nowadays tuition/extra coaching has become a trend...Moms of Jr.Kg kids are sending thei…