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What matter more Marks or knowledge?

What matter more Marks or knowledge? Marks/knowledge Marks ,Marks 99.8,99.5......Join Coaching class and secure 99.8........These kinda stuff  I everyday  read in the newspaper.Nowadays admissions are given to candidate having not less than 95 percentage.List are posted online with a difference of 0.2 percents. What these kind of scenario is leading to...just depression. Marks are only the criteria for getting jobs and admission in good colleges. What do you mean marks are not important? I mean learning ,knowledge and practical experience of information should stand first in the  queue of growing stages .. Marks will follow automatically ...🙂 Marks are important but its just other side of coin or now you can say its ticket to finale in show call study ... Let us start from beginning ,whenever a kid reaches 2.5 years he/she step into his new world of knowledge call it a play school.All sitting ,jumping begins in the school.That time have you bothered abo