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Screen time and children:5 Reasons why screen time is bad : 5 ways how to guide your child to decrease screen time

Screen time, children and Lockdown 5 Reasons why screen time is bad: 5 ways how to guide your child to decrease screen time. Screen and children, nowadays especially in a lockdown is every door issue. We don't want to live with screen and even can't run away from the screen. This addiction, yes we can say its an addiction of screen can take us and our children to the world of big health complication. Not only physical like headache, eyes strain, spine problem, obesity. But endless physiological issues like isolation, social issues. Social distancing is nowadays should be followed everywhere to stay safe. This will prone to more social complication among children. Vacation time normally is a time when children enjoy and grow more in terms of fun, knowledge. Their brain sometimes gets that full oxygen as they feel light without carrying the burden of exams and marks. But Lockdown and corona have completely overpowered the whole world life graph. Parents are at home with child