Tuition /Extra coaching required or not

Tuition /Extra coaching required or not 

tuition required or not
group tuition

Today is my son's maths exam. My son Anshul is getting ready for school, I am asking him questions from the kitchen while making breakfast. We both have created this habit of learning and teaching this way. But one of my usual guest has a big problem in this way of mom- son bonding,teaching-learning method....??

"What is her problem? He is my son, it's my wish I want to make him independent."I asked my husband.

"I am happy in my space of life....... Enjoy teaching my son. Happy taking part in his everyday school work. What's the big deal?" she continued

Nowadays, If a mother chooses to teach her son/daughter at home means not sending him /her to tuition, it seems to be a crime for some people...
In this above story, the mother is qualified. She wants her son to start self-study at an early age. She is preparing him in this way.

But nowadays tuition/extra coaching has become a trend...Moms of Jr.Kg kids are sending their children to tuition classes. Tutor teaches ABCD to the kids...Imagine Kids first learn ABCD... in school. Reach home, then again learn the same in tuition....Some people have taken tuition as a basic necessity like school, food... for their children.

Now a most important question arises whether to send our kid to tuitions or not??
There is some positive impact on kids as well as negative of tuition. Let's discuss the positive & negative sides of tuition:-
  • Tuition makes the base strong:--Children in early classes like from I class need more practice in maths. Like when addition and subtraction start in school, they should know to count on fingers  etc..For this tutor gives more practice, and their base of maths will become strong...
  • Its negative impact: Sometimes students get bored with practising every day so much that they practice less before the exam and give the exams in overconfidence. And of course, the mother leaves all studies to tutor that results in poor performance in the exam.

  • Tuition helps children  to clear their doubts: Tuition gives ready-made solutions to the problems
  • Negative impact: Children never pay attention in the school class. They always try to clear their doubts about extra coaching.

  • Tuition makes children busy after school time: Those parents who are working always in a search for coaching so that their children remain safe and they get an excuse from their children studies. Nowadays even moms at home want their kids to go to classes so that they get more time for them self.
  • Children do not get time to enjoy childhood: Kids reach home, eat snacks, then again pack bags to reach their tuition. Then to other classes then at the end reach home tired take dinner and day finishes.They do not know the meaning of boredom..How  can they  learn what are their interest, if they never get time to think anything of their own.

  • Tuitions give spoon feeding for every problem: Tutor helps their students to have access to the solution to all subject problems. They never  search to find an answer, everything is served to kids on their plate.
  • Children become dependant: In tuition, children are given spoon feeding of every problem. Children seldom try to search the words in the dictionary . But in schools, most of the time the teacher tells the students to look for the answers on their own. So the students rack their brain , look for the answers and then the solution is explained to them.
Nowadays sending the kids to tuitions has become a fashion.  This won't help them in the long run as it will snatch their originality.  They will always depend on others to solve their queries.

So, before sending your precious little ones to tuitions, one should consider both the pros and cons of the impact of the menace called TUITIONS.....


By Monika Arya.


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