Do we actually need an International Women's Day

Do we actually need An International Women's Day "?

Yes, ofcourse we need one day free from all our daily chores, responsibilities.We want to enjoy.Party!!

Really? My daughter asked me curiously ..Her innocent looks ,her enthusiastic eyes made me to think deeply.

I don't want her to celebrate this day just like a holiday.

I took a pause and said"Dear ,you know what is the meaning of 'Woman'....??

Her eyes sprinkled !Her mumpling can be heard...Take your time ,I am waiting I tried to calm her..

Nowadays ,kids have a habit to Google everything... Dictionary is not so common..This generation hardly interested to search and turn page to learn.They want to sit in the range of Alexa ,so that everything can be heard and immediately get answers of all feeded data..

Never mind ,my daughter is intelligent,she will search actually what I am trying..After few minutes she said Mom I am not a fool .I am a woman ,a female..Meaning of Woman means adult female...I am right ofcourse I know ..

Good ,I said and added further dear this is common meaning.A woman is female adult   but look.

Wo+man=Woman .In this word ,Wo stands for Wife of +man in earlier days...Now new generation W O in chatting means "without".So Woman means Without+ Man ..

New definition of "Woman" means An Independent living being..I still not used Human..Because Human also have man...attached..

This generation Without Man concept of living being should be celebrated in special way not to show that females are free on Women 's day to party. Infact we are free from cage ,free from chain of burdens ...We should start making change in our life from that day by atleast to  take our decision without hesitation..Don't get scared of results ..As it is rightly said to "To Err is Human" ..

Daughter Erra got confused..Said mom I understood..But I need Dad..I need you also..

Dear Erra ,you need your parents.But when you will grow ,we will give you wings to fly to learn new world..But you should be responsible enough to know where your wings would got stuck.

I want to give you that future world where my daughter will never stuck because she is a girl.

."If sky never differentiate between Crow and Cuckoo..Both can fly to any height and enjoy with wind.Why Why we  earth  intelligent creature make boundaries for Men and Women.."

My daughter clapped and said Mom from now I will celebrate Women's Day as a day of new beginning to our Women kind .From Women's Day our journey to reach peak has started and I will continue this legacy to make this day fruitful by educating our kind to fly not to only  celebrate and take selfies but to achieve power in terms of decision,risk and most important to learn Woman means lifeline..

Hip Hip Hurray to our Women kind


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